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Kiteboarding lessons done right!

Safety first, we offer professional kiteboarding lessons with you in mind. From your first day on the beach, to your first front roll, we’re here to help you learn kiteboarding, the proper way. With years of experience and the best equipment, we tailor each lesson to your personal needs. Flexible schedules, knowledgable, friendly staff, and the patience you deserve.


Step 1 // Beginner ground school kiteboarding lesson

This is the first step in your personal kiteboarding journey!

Covers kite dynamics, launching, landing, kite introduction, safety features, wind orientation, wind window, equipment setup, kite flying, relaunching and more ..
Price: USD $300

Step 2 // Beginner water lessons

This is your second step to becoming a proficient kiteboarder. Most students are getting up on the board within 3-6 hours

Covers body dragging, water relaunch, in water kite control, board control, power stroking, self rescue, riding technique and more ..
Price: USD $100/per hour with your own gear or USD $125/per hour with our gear

Beginner/Intermediate lessons

Now the real fun begins! It’s time to learn some new skills and tricks! (Or polish up some rusty ones)

Covers transitions (carving, switch, toeside, etc), load & pop, edging upwind, jumping (more importantly LANDING!), backroll, jump transitions, frontroll, jumping with grabs, adding style and much more ..
Price: USD $75/per hour with your own gear or USD $100/per hour with our gear

Advanced Lessons – Tricks & Jumps

Covers kiteloops, downloops, unhooked tricks, darkslides, hand drags, surf transitions and more ..
Price: USD $75/per hour with your own gear or USD $100/per hour with our gear


we offer all inclusive packages to the best locations. Ride amazing locations, learn how to kite, and explore different countries and locations around the world.

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic

Check out our website or get in touch for more information.

Costa Rica Kiteboarding Retreat March 2018

What an epic experience we all had kiting in 40kt winds and adventuring around on our Costa Rica Kiteboarding Retreat! There is no substitute for experience. Pura vida ✌

Posted by Epic Adventures on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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Epic Adventures FL
Epic Adventures FL
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