Uhuru Kite Zanzibar

Perfect uncrowded tropical conditions

Uhuru Kite is rated the best school in Jambiani, and the second best in the whole of Zanzibar. If you would like a less crowded kitesurfing experience, we are the best choice! Read below to find out more…

My name is Leo and I’m the owner of Uhuru Kite Zanzibar. I’m a fully qualified instructor with thousands of hours of experience, and prior to starting Uhuru I taught all over the world, including the Philippines, the UK, Greece, Turkey, the Caribbean, Egypt and Dubai to name a few…

My team of 3 or 4 instructors and I focus on providing a lesson with a personal touch, to make all of my students feel completely relaxed and safe throughout the courses.

Learning to kitesurf at Uhuru Kite Zanzibar is absolutely the safest, quickest and one of the cheapest ways of learning this amazing sport, all whilst doing so in our beautiful waist-deep turquoise lagoons…

Located in the small fishing village of Jambiani on the south east coast of Zanzibar, Uhuru Kite is one of only 3 kitesurfing schools currently open along the whole coast of Jambiani. Lessons and riding can take place in the lagoons or further afield on the waves, but one thing is for sure throughout – wherever you choose to enjoy your session, it will be undisturbed…

Paje, the busiest kite destination on the Zanzibar archipelago, is just north on the same coast, so you will experience the exact same conditions, just without the crowds!

Karibuni sana!


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  1. Outstanding Learning Experience and an Unforgettable Holiday!

    My girlfriend and I went to Uhuru for 2 weeks last month and we had lessons with both the owner Leo, and one of his Dutch instructors Victor.

    We were so well looked after from the start of our first lesson throughout our whole stay, and the lessons were really good fun, even though I struggled a bit with the technique at the beginning! Leo and his team always waited for the best conditions for us and never pushed us when it wasn’t right. They were always flexible and happy to help and we couldn’t have been happier, both with our experience and our new found abilities for kitesurfing!

    Thank you so much to Leo, Victor, Max, Felix, Layai, and the rest of the group, for an unforgettable holiday!

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Country: Tanzania, United Republic of

Where to find us?

Uhuru Beach Hotel, Mwendawima Jambiani South-east coast Zanzibar, Jambiani, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Dec-Mid March every day 830 - 1900 June - September every day 830 - 1900

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