Kiteboarding in Lake Garda, Italy

With a bit of flat, a bit of wave, a bit of northerly and a bit of southerly winds, Lake Garda shows off to be a great Summer spot for European kitebo…

Kiteboarding in Oman

Man, O'Man! If you're looking for no crowds, Middle Eastern culture, amazing food & beautiful sandy beaches, then kiteboarding in Oman may be for you.

Kite Buggy in Fanø, Denmark

Internationally famed for being one of the world's top spots for beach cruising, Fanø Island is an adult's playground for kite buggy.

Kiteboarding in Iran

Filled with history, natural beauty and ethnic diversity, kiteboarding in Iran will surprise you with gems along its coastline.

Kitesurfing in Diani Beach, Kenya

Kitesurfing in Diani Beach is an epic experience. With such a range of kitespots and perfect conditions for all skill levels, this place is a blast.
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