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Sylt, with its almost exactly 100 kilometres of coastline, is one of the surf hot spots of the islands in the north of Europe. That means for all of you too: Kite surfing at the northernmost point of Germany, under best conditions for kite surfing beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. The best kite surfing conditions are from the beginning of April/May until the end of October. During this time the wind yield is hard to beat. The calm Wadden Sea on the east coast of Sylt is ideal for beginners as the sea is very moderate there. The west coast, on the other hand, presents a real challenge. There the pros get their money’s worth. In addition, it is precisely there on the Westerländer Promenade that the surfing elite has been meeting for many years on their world tour for the Surf World Cup on Sylt. My name is Dirk D., I am the founder and director of the Kite School Pro on Sylt. Both myself and my team are passionate kitesurfers and our highest maxim, your safety, is of course our top priority. Quality instead of quantity is also a fundamental part of our company philosophy. Each of my kite instructors is professionally trained and certified by the institutions (IKO / VDWS). It is our wish to pick you up where you are with your kite skills, from the absolute beginner to the professional – our instructor competence covers the whole range of skills. We see ourselves as a small family, which works together like clockwork. This guarantees you a maximum of training competence. We cordially invite you to learn this wonderful sport with us, without any “pressure” or “must” – a sport that brings together the elements that the earth has given us and brings them into harmony. Very important: there is no “must now” in the kite sport because it is influenced by countless factors. Even pros have days when they think they are just getting the first meters on the board and every one of us started at one time and everyone had his own speed to learn. Always remember, it is not important what the others think, it is important what you think about yourself. So then; Let’s begin from Zero to Hero!

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