Kiteboarding in Naxos, Greece

Are you heading to Naxos Island in Greece for your next kiteboarding trip? Awesome. See our tips and read about the most popular kiteboarding spots.
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Best Wind

May to October

Kitespot Type

Flat water, Small wave

Skill Level

All skill levels, Beginner friendly

Best For

Foil, Freeride, Freestyle, Speed

Kiteboarding in Naxos, Greece //

Explore the “Island of Gods”

If there is something we have learned about the gods of the Greek mythology, is that they knew all the secrets of good living.

The fact that two of the most popular ones among them, Zeus and Dionyssus, chose Naxos to grow up in, proves that the largest island of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea is worth the visit.

Famous since antiquity as the centre of the ancient Cyclades culture, this island located in the centre of the Greek archipelago could be considered as one the ideal destinations for adventurers.

Wind season in Naxos

Naxos is one of the windiest spots in Europe, which Kite-lovers would certainly appreciate. The winds blow there for more than 250 days throughout the year, from at least 15 knots.

Especially during summer, the northern wind known to Greeks since the old days as “meltemi”, ensures ideal conditions for kitesurfing and kiteboarding.

The big advantage is that “meltemi” is usually “stubborn” and “tireless”. It can constantly continue to blow for up to five days and then start all over again. Could you imagine better weather conditions for kiting? No way…

As far as the climate is concerned, you can expect it to be typically Mediterranean, with hot summers and not very cold winters.

You can reach Naxos either by boat or by air. There is constant connection to the ports of Piraeus and Rafina near Athens, as well as the international airport of the Greek capital.

If you haven’t got a car getting there, you should rent one from the local car rentals. Naxos is quite a decent size, so you’ll move around much quicker.

A kiteboarding lesson with Flisvos Kite Centre Naxos
Orkos Beach in Mikri Vigla with Flisvos Kite Centre Naxos

Kiteboarding spots in Naxos

There are 2 main kite spots in Naxos.

1. Mikri Vigla

Probably one of the best kiteboarding spots to be found on the island is Mikri Vigla, the bay with amazingly beautiful white sand and azure clear water. Kiteboarding season in Naxos runs all the way through May till September. The bay is quite small and could get pretty busy with the holiday makers sometimes especially in high season, August. So if you’re a beginner, just watch out for your fellow kiters and the peeps on the beach.
Mikri Vigla is easily suitable for all experience levels. The wind here is pretty consistent, mostly onshore, but could get a bit gusty at times and the water quite choppy, so you may get a bit of a bumpy ride.

2. Glyfada Bay

Another excellent kiteboarding spot worth mentioning is Glyfada Bay. Awesome sandy beach with mostly flat water, ideal for learning and freestyle.

No wind? Try the local cuisine! Naxos is for foodies 🥙

Checkout the back streets of Naxos Old Town and get a taste of the local culture with a guided food & wine tour. Lots of food to go around, so make sure you’re hungry!

You can explore the inland and villages like the picturesque Apiranthos, where you can find restaurants and taverns with the traditional dishes of the local cuisine, made exclusively with Naxos’ famous products.

The island has been self-sufficient since the ancient years, with its own agriculture and stock-farming. It produces olive oil, wine, honey and its potatoes are known in every corner of Greece.

Get cooking with a cooking class at Basiliko Family Tavern in the nearby Potamia Village. You’ll get to pick your own veggies 🥕 to cook with and spend some time with the locals.

Get hiking and climb the Mount Zas or Zeus (1,004m) for some absolutely spectacular Instagram photos. And of course an awesome workout.

See more of Greece. Checkout the best spots for kiteboarding in Limnos here.

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