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Kitesurfing school

Algarve Kite Center

Our website

Algarve, Portugal
+351 965 341 985

What we do

  • Kitesurfing lessons
  • Lessons for kids
  • Lessons for beginners
  • Private 1 on 1 lessons

What you're in for

We are an established kitesurfing school based in the sunny Algarve, Portugal. Our main teaching ground is the Alvor lagoon, a huge space of flat and shallow water, perfect for the total beginners or those with a few freestyle tricks up their sleeve.

Our Kite Center has long years of experience teaching and providing kitesurfing lessons since 2008. Our instructors are certified, well equiped and trained.

We provide kitesurfing lessons for complete beginners and intermediate riders, offering group sessions or private 1 on 1 training.

Algarve Kite Center also provides kite equipment rentals, with the latest CORE gear available to rent or buy.

Get in touch with any questions or bookings.


Kite school facilities

  • Accommodation available
  • Chill zone
  • Gear rental
  • Gear storage
  • Kite shop
  • Safety boat available

We speak your language

English, Russian

Where to find us

Alvor lagoon, Algarve, Portugal

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