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Kitesurfing school

Kiteboard Saipan

Our website

Saipan, US, Northern Mariana Islands
+1 670-989-7673

What we do

  • Kitesurfing lessons
  • Lessons for beginners
  • Private 1 on 1 lessons

What you're in for

Saipan is one of the best kiteboarding spots on the planet. We have year round tropical temperatures, a huge, warm, crystal blue, lagoon, and plenty of good vibes.

Whether you want to learn to kite for the first time, join our downwinder or island hopping kite tours, or just do your own thing, we can guarantee you’ll have an amazing time.


Kite school facilities

  • Kite rest / wash down area
  • Kite tours & downwinders

We speak your language


Opening times

  • Everyday
    All day

Where to find us

Saipan, US, Northern Mariana Islands

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Kitesurfing school

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